San Diego Firefighter Stair Climb

year-2014 Stair Climb
September 7th San Diego Hilton Bayfront

Emergency Responders

On September 11th 2001
Emergency Responders Made the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of their sworn duty to protect life. Such sacrifices continue today.

About the Stair Climb


we climb for awareness of sacrifices made by firefighters every-where. Each year, approximately 100 firefighters die while serving their communities.


we will climb in the spirit of remembrance of the courage and honor displayed by those 403 fallen Emergency Responders.


we climb to care for the firefighters who continue to assume these risks and for the families who share them.


Funds raised will benefit

FirefighterAid (Formerly the San Diego firefighters' Benevolent Fund), the charity which cares for firefighters and families through sickness, distress, and death.

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Funds Raised

2014 Goal: $100,000


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Date : 4 / 27 / 2015 Time : 07:02 pm

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Top 3 Team Fundraisers for 2013

Team Name
Team Captain
Amount Raised
The Ignosci Posse
Lauren Thiel
Oside Climbers
Leslie Dyerly
Carl's Climbers
Carlye Wund

Top 3 Individual Fundraisers for 2013

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Michelle Huber
Sunny Kim
Alicia Delgadillo

Our 2013 Honor teams

8:46:00, Flight 11 Crashes into WTC North
9:03:00, Flight 175 Crashes into WTC South
9:37:00, Flight 77 Crashes into Pentagon
9:58:00, South Tower Collapses
10:03:00, Flight 93 Crashes outside Pittsburgh
10:28:00, North Tower Collapses
Team Name
Amount Raised
The Ignosci Posse
Lauren Thiel
Oside Climbers
Leslie Dyerly
Carl's Climbers
Carlye Wund
Riley Care Ambulance
Kevin Bates
911 Mission Possible
Hailey Bunsold

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